Pathway Trace (2019)

    Embarking on a visual odyssey almost three decades post the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the haunting Bosnian war, I sought to unravel and, in turn, either challenge or affirm the perceptions I had woven around Serbia and its people. This enigmatic foreign reality beckoned my curiosity, urging me to plumb the depths of existence in Serbia for a community steeped in the echoes of historic and formative events still vivid in living memory. Drawing inspiration from my modus operandi in previous Eastern European ventures, I allowed the tapestry of my own experiences to weave the narrative of the images I captured.

These personal encounters, immortalized in the resulting images, serve as contemplative mirrors reflecting upon the intricate facets of national identity and self-perception among those immortalized in my lens in Serbia. Simultaneously, the project delves into introspective questions regarding my own identity and future as a citizen of the U.K. – a nation navigating the labyrinthine path of distancing itself from the European Union and its neighboring counterparts.

My lens finds solace in exploring the lives and perspectives of individuals navigating environments where figures of authority have molded the contours of our existence and understanding of self. This endeavor holds a particular fascination for me, shedding light on the repercussions of authoritative actions that, in some instances, run contrary to our personal, political, or moral belief systems. As I embark on this visual journey, reminiscent of the distinctive style that defines my work, I aim to unveil the narratives woven within the intricate fabric of human experiences shaped by the tumultuous currents of history and identity.